Museum & Heritage Studies Scholarship Competition 2024

    The Museum and Heritage Studies program at Randolph College equips students with the knowledge and experience needed for careers working with museums, collections, or public history sites.  This scholarship awards $1,000 annually to recipients in their first two years.  If a MUHS major is declared, the scholarship is increased to $2,000 annually in the third and fourth year.  

    Scholarship Requirements: Choose one of the following prompts, and submit an essay containing no more than 750 words.

    • Describe a meaningful moment you experienced in a museum or directly engaged with a work of art or an artifact.
    • If you were going to memorialize someone with a public sculpture, who would that be and what would the sculpture look like?

    Scholarship submissions should be submitted to

    *Recipients of the Museum and Heritage Studies Scholarship are required to complete Introduction to Museum Studies and Introduction to Public History by the end of their sophomore year.  

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